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What is the Partners Club?

The Partners Club is managed by partners for partners. Our goal is to provide a support network for the LBS community and organise events and activities for people with varying interests. By attending, you’ll meet like-minded people who will make your time in London a rich experience.

Benefits of being an LBS partner

  • Complimentary access to the LBS gym and pool --
    We encourage you to find a fellow gym enthusiast and enjoy a class including the very popular spin class. You’ll need a partner card to get this perk, which only takes a few minutes to get. Just accompany your student to campus and inquire at the security desk. 

  • Complimentary access to the LBS library --
    an excellent place to study or work.

  • Access to many other Campus Groups and clubs --
    including the foodie club, expeditions club, art club, photography club, women in the business club, and cycling club. As a partner, you are welcome to attend events put on by these clubs, and they are an excellent value-add to your LBS experience. 

  • Free drinks :) 
    Every Thursday night on-campus at Sundowners. Just bring your partner card with you.

Benefits of joining the Partners Club

  • Membership in our Whatsapp, Instagram, and the Facebook group to meet other partners; see Partners Events, London Tips, Flats for rent, Employees position and buy and sell items from the community.

  • Invitations to events and activities around London with partners and students.

  • Assistance with CV samples for UK positions.

  • Support for answering any questions related to the London culture.

  • For partners with kids: A superb parents network to help you settle in London. 

The best part of the Partners Club is that it can help you meet friends for life from the day you land in London.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Your Partners Club Team