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Hello all new comers!

Welcome to LBS and to the Swim Club!  My name is Kathryn and I'm the President for the year 2010-2011.  It's great to see some many people interested in hopping in the water this year.  Things will kick off properly towards the end of September when the officers will be back but by all means, get started now if you are keen. 

I am putting together a training plan for the upcoming term and sessions will be communicated at the beginning of each week.  Feel free to join the club at the weekly sessions or use these in your own time.  These are meant to be guides only and cater to people at different levels.  My advice, build up slowly and know your own limits.  If you haven't been in the pool for a while, like me this time last year, then use the sessions to build stamina.  If you are a pro-swimmer, you know how much you can push yourself!

I won't be able to meet you all until January, since I will be on exchange, but Ram and Marieke will be around and helping run the show!  Please introduce yourselves to them when you're in the pool. 

Have a great term!

Kathryn (MBA2011)