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There are many reasons to start up or keep swimming. Each swimmer may have extended her/his owns since s/he started but here are the main ones:

  • Eat as much as you swim!

Working out against resisting water will ask your body to provide more energy. Swimming requires each of the muscles from head to toe and drains energy before you realize it. One can easily trade a swimming session against a full pizza “Frutti di Mare!”

  • Brain focus

Swimming is one of the sports that asks for synchronization of mind and body. The only task your brain is focused on is to keep the balance between your oxygen level and the next move. While this task is one of the most difficult for beginners, it quickly becomes automatic (such as driving with manual gear). However, one can come back on focus again on this synchronization to improve their performance.

  • Relaxing your thoughts

Because your mind is focused on the synchronization of your moves and breathing, your brain creates an empty space in which nothing matters but your moves. This feeling allows you to let go your thoughts, which is both rare and precious during an intense study period such as we are experiencing in LBS. Some of us take it as a meditation, enjoying the long distance.

  • Wellness feelings

There is nothing equivalent that the feeling well being after a swimming session: all your body has worked out, your breathing has been reset, your brain got time for itself.


Seriously, do you need more reasons?