FLII in Business Club

LBS's social mobility diversity club

FLII stands for First Generation, Low or Intermediate Income - meet fellow LBS students with similar backgrounds!


About Us

FLII stands for First-Gen and/or Low or Intermediate-Income, and our club seeks to acknowledge and empower socioeconomic diversity at LBS. We aim to create a safe space where LBS students from FLII backgrounds can embrace their identities and find a sense of belonging. We want to enable a platform where FLII students and allies can network and find support to grow and advance in their careers and beyond.









Our Team

Eliya Panchova Profile

Eliya Panchova

VP of Advocacy
Sarah Lowney Profile

Sarah Lowney

Senior Adviser
Divya Chaurasia Profile

Divya Chaurasia

VP of Recruiting and Admissions
Qi Qi Profile

Qi Qi

VP of Careers and Alumni
Oliver Hofling Profile

Oliver Hofling

VP - Junior Treasurer
Jiaxin Yang Profile

Jiaxin Yang

VP of Careers and Alumni
Lisett Pilco Flores Profile

Lisett Pilco Flores

VP of Recruiting and Admissions
Minnie Crampton Profile

Minnie Crampton

VP of Careers and Alumni
Kai Ming Chew Profile

Kai Ming Chew

VP of Recruiting and Admissions
Maite Guerrero Profile

Maite Guerrero

VP of Marketing
Jane Jiang Profile

Jane Jiang

VP - Junior Treasurer
Asheem Jinsi Profile

Asheem Jinsi

VP of Events and Club Partnerships
Godlivian Ojiambo Profile

Godlivian Ojiambo

VP of Careers and Alumni
David Barranco Bartolome Profile

David Barranco Bartolome

VP of Advocacy
Vanisha Joshi Profile

Vanisha Joshi

Chris Rojo Profile

Chris Rojo

Arthur Sun Profile

Arthur Sun

Senior Adviser

E: flii@london.edu

First-Generation, Low or Intermediate Income Club

26 Sussex Place, Marylebone
London NW1 4SA
United Kingdom