Not sure what gear you need? We got you covered!

Make sure you have
- Sailing shoes (Non-marking white-soled shoes; most sneakers should do!)
- Sailing gloves
- LBS Regatta quick-dry Polos if racing! (Group orders!)

❄ For colder weather ❄
- Waterproof Jacket (Rain jackets are not waterproof and you WILL get cold)
- Salopettes (aka Waterproofs)
- Wellies (Warm dry feet make happy sailors)
- Thermals (Fewer layers, more mobility!)

For Dinghy Sailing
- Sailing Gloves
- Neoprene boots
- Splash top (recommended)
- Wetsuit or drysuit for colder weather!

What is the difference between a wetsuit and drysuit? Drysuits have waterproof seals around the wrists and neck, and latex socks that keep you fully dry in case you happen to take a dive in!

Top Brands: Gill, Gul, Musto, Helly Hansen, Henry Lloyd

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