Sailing Club

Learn to sail by yourself in 2 weekends, cross the Strait of Gibraltar from Spain to Morocco, absorb the Capri sun, explore the Isle of Wight, earn your certifications and drink away the LBS stress at our happy hours!


About Us

The mission of the LBS Sailing club is to offer the club community:
- Competitive and affordable racing and cruising events
- An opportunity to develop their sailing skills
- A social context based on a common interest in sailing
- Lots of fun

What We Do

Throughout the year, we organise on-campus and online theory courses, off-site practical courses for both Yachts and Dinghies, as well as travel to participate in international regattas around the world! LBS is part of the prestigious MBA Global Sailing League, competing alongside other top business schools such as MIT, NYU, UChicago, Yale, Columbia, Cambridge, Harvard, INSEAD and IE in places like Greece, Canary Islands, Portugal and Italy! Throughout the year, you will also get to meet our amazing alumni over cocktail socials.

Our Team

Alejandra Benavente
Head of Social & Marketing
Alon Kujavsky
Giulio Bianchi
Nicholas Arnovitz
Kaan Konukcu
VP of Racing
Frank Hird
Kendall Smith
Anne Lohmann
Lindsey Zastawny
VP of Sailing
Anya Markitanova
VP of Social
Matthew Broadley
VP of External Relations
Sami Khoury
Leonardo Riolo
VP of Sailing
Hannah Cabot
VP of Alumni Relations & Career
Alonso Mayser
Senior Treasurer
Kara Bennett
Head of External Relationship
Massimo Attina
VP of Racing
Andre Goncalves Lourenco
Max Maurer
VP of Cruising
Rob Cotterill
Alumni President
Rundong Lu
Conrad Woodring
Alumni Advisor