Executive Commitee

The SA Committee is an elected body of students from across the School´s academics programmes that comprise the governing body for the student community.

The committee meets weekly on Tuesday mornings between 11:15-12:30 during term to manage the Association's many activities, discuss current issues facing the student body and explore ways of improving student life on campus. The committee administers the student clubs budget, organises campus-wide events and initiatives, and disseminates information from the senior members of staff to the student community.

The Student Association Executive Committee is at your service. Please share any thoughts, ideas or concerns with the relevant Executive Committee member:

Meet your Executive Committee

Priyal Keni Profile

Priyal Keni

Raunak Beria Profile

Raunak Beria

Vice President
Adi Sridhar Profile

Adi Sridhar

Senior Treasurer
Anupam Verma Profile

Anupam Verma

Senior Social Affairs Officer
Kathleen Doyle Profile

Kathleen Doyle

Senior Sports & Clubs Officer
Faisal Albutairi Profile

Faisal Albutairi

Senior Sponsorship Officer
Harshal Vora Profile

Harshal Vora

Senior Alumni & Careers Officer
Jaspreet Pruthi Profile

Jaspreet Pruthi

Senior Technology & Operations Officer
Yousra Benzeghiba Profile

Yousra Benzeghiba

Senior Academics & Ethics Officer
Hitakshi Arora Profile

Hitakshi Arora

Senior Advocacy Officer
Saumya Sudhir Profile

Saumya Sudhir

Senior Marketing Officer
Michelle Ip Profile

Michelle Ip

Senior ESG Officer
Gurasees Singh Profile

Gurasees Singh

Senior ESG Officer
Shivam Rathi Profile

Shivam Rathi

Student Association Oversight
Tracy Boumerhi Profile

Tracy Boumerhi

Advocacy Officer
Armin Ahsan Profile

Armin Ahsan

Advocacy Officer
Raj Parekh Profile

Raj Parekh

Alumni and Careers Officer
Jernej Drenik Profile

Jernej Drenik

Alumni and Careers Officer
Tomas Salas Daza Profile

Tomas Salas Daza

Alumni and Careers Officer
Yinyin Chen Profile

Yinyin Chen

Alumni and Careers Officer
Ahmed Dawood Profile

Ahmed Dawood

Alumni and Careers Officer
Ankit Sureka Profile

Ankit Sureka

Incoming Students Officer
Darla Bautista Profile

Darla Bautista

Marketing Officer
Sivani Korrapati Profile

Sivani Korrapati

Marketing Officer
Snehal . Profile

Snehal .

Marketing Officer
Anushka Mirchandani Profile

Anushka Mirchandani

Marketing Officer
Ruby Min Profile

Ruby Min

Marketing Officer
Sagarika Biswas Profile

Sagarika Biswas

Marketing Officer
Nikhil Garg Profile

Nikhil Garg

Social Affairs Officer
Muskaan Jain Profile

Muskaan Jain

Social Affairs Officer
Cora Sun Profile

Cora Sun

Khushi Kabra Profile

Khushi Kabra

Devang Mehta Profile

Devang Mehta

Godlivian Ojiambo Profile

Godlivian Ojiambo

Riya Yadav Profile

Riya Yadav

Social Affairs Officer
Akshay Agrawal Profile

Akshay Agrawal

Swarnim Mudaliar Profile

Swarnim Mudaliar

Shardul Malviya Profile

Shardul Malviya

Sejal Bohra Profile

Sejal Bohra

Jenna Denton Profile

Jenna Denton

Raghav Bhattad Profile

Raghav Bhattad

Diana Vizcarra Neira Profile

Diana Vizcarra Neira

Social Affairs Officer
Blue Bookhard Profile

Blue Bookhard

Sports & Clubs Officer
Zhen Ren Teo Profile

Zhen Ren Teo

Sports & Clubs Officer
Aurelie Gentilhomme Profile

Aurelie Gentilhomme

Sports & Clubs Officer
Francesca Pinto Profile

Francesca Pinto

ESG Policy Officer
Namsai Sethpornpong Profile

Namsai Sethpornpong

ESG Policy Officer
Dalia Serafy Profile

Dalia Serafy

ESG Policy Officer
Jiwan Dhillon Profile

Jiwan Dhillon

Technology & Operations Officer
Devadarshan Kandathil Sardar Profile

Devadarshan Kandathil Sardar

Technology & Operations Officer
Midhat Fatima Profile

Midhat Fatima

Claudia Kesala Profile

Claudia Kesala

Usman Bhatti Profile

Usman Bhatti

Parth Srivastava Profile

Parth Srivastava

Sanika Sheth Profile

Sanika Sheth

Andrew Grose Profile

Andrew Grose

Daniella Lozada Gobelli Profile

Daniella Lozada Gobelli

Senior Incoming Students Officer
Adelaide Young Profile

Adelaide Young

Ife Akinmoyo Profile

Ife Akinmoyo

Marc Slowey Profile

Marc Slowey

Faculty/Staff Advisor