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As London Business School students, we're all motivated to make an impact on the world, and our school community. At LBS there are plenty of ways to get involved and make a difference.

Three different ways that you can get involved in an official capacity:

1) The Student Association leadership

LBS Student Association (or the SA) is the membership body for all LBS students. A separate legal entity to LBS, the SA is run by LBS students, for LBS students. Students involved in leading the SA will have a regard for student life across campus, across programme and across sector interests.

If you join the SA you'll be responsible for ensuring that the governance of the student body remains effective and delivers on its triple mandate: Club stewardship, LBS-wide events and Student Representation.

The SA is a great way to learn more about the Business School as a business, to make a sweeping impact on student life and deeply test your interpersonal and leadership abilities with professional stakeholders.

For more information on roles and responsibilities check out the LBS SA Elections page

2) Club Leadership

Clubs are at the heart of all of the activity on campus. From professional to regional clubs, sports teams and eclectic social clubs, you'll find multiple LBS SA Clubs which match your aspirations and hobbies.

Clubs are typically led by MBA second-year presidents who have experience as club executives from their first year. The club leaders are responsible for the strategic direction and corporate governance of their clubs. They are supported by their club executive teams - with different roles for each club. All first year students regardless of programme are eligble to apply for club executive positions, and it is the first years who really shape the calendar of events each year.

With a huge range of positions thanks to the unique operating models for each of our 75+ clubs, students taking on club leadership roles have nearly unlimited opportunities to create great experiences for their classmates and build on the LBS brand.

For general regulations around club leadership roles, see the club elections page.

For specific information about the leadership of a particular club, see that club's page, or reach out to the club president.

3) Stream Representation

One of the central units of culture for all LBS students (and for the smaller programmes - technically your programme is 'stream-sized' too!), streams are the foundation of your LBS network.

Stream Reps are responsible to their streammates for stream-specific and cross-stream activity, and have a massive influence on the development of their stream's culture. Stream Reps are typically voted in within one month of Orientation and are voted in by their stream alone.

Most programmes follow the Social/Career/Academic paradigm for their stream rep roles:

Social Reps - often teams of three students, organise stream events from intimate dinner parties to black-tie galas and weekend excursions!
Career Reps - link in their stream to the Careers Centre, assist in the advertising of new career opportunities and organise upskilling and knowledge-sharing events
Academic Reps - focus on the stream's classroom needs and link in with both Programme Offices and Faculty Subject Areas to feed back on and develop the LBS learning experience.

Each of these classes of stream rep, across each programme can rely on the guidance and support of the SA's Senior Social Affairs, Careers and Academics & Ethics Officers.

For more information on the Stream Rep roles contact your Programme Office

For the innovators

Of course, these aren't the only ways you can create a legacy for LBS - if you have ideas for a new event, a new investment or just about anything, drop us a line at and one of the SA Executive Committee will be happy to talk to you further and help you make your idea a reality!