LBS Student Association Documents

SA Constitution

The governing document of the Student Association is the Constitution. This document can only be changed once at the annual Student Association Annual General Meeting, held during spring term.

SA Constitution

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SA Regulations

The Student Association is currently updating each of its regulations, which serve as guidelines for its operations. Regulations will be uploaded to this website as they are agreed upon by the Executive Committee.


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Student Association Senior Officer Role Descriptions

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Coin Vote Regulation

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SA Compliance

LBS SA Terms & Conditions

Last Updated 24th April 2018

LBS SA Privacy Policy

Last Updated 24th April 2018

LBS Data Sharing agreement

Last Updated 24th April 2018

SA Information Guides

Sample Senior ExCo Manifestos

Last Updated 9th March 2021

Coin Vote Infographic

Last Updated 8th June 2020

SPF Application

Last Updated 10th Sept. 2020

Other Documents

Gym Reopening Guidelines

Last Updated 9th September 2020

Hybrid School Town Hall Q&A Follow-up

Last Updated 4th October 2020