Starting a Club

Club leaders and entrepreneurs drive the student experience at LBS. There are more than 70 clubs at the school today, and undoubtedly, with a group as diverse and passionate as the LBS student body, there will be opportunities to continue to tailor the clubs portfolio in service to our fellow students.

If you are interested in starting a new club, please review the SA Clubs Rationalization and Future Governance Document. It is critically important that you read this document if you are interested in starting a new club.

While we realize the process may appear overly cumbersome, the intent in requiring the creation of a 'Discussion Group' prior to becoming a full fledged club is so that we can establish longevity across multiple classes before granting eligibility to receive student funds via the Coin Vote. Typically, the enthusiasm and energy among new students leads to many new intitiatives, which we highly encourage, but can later exhibit variable performance across terms.

The great news is that Discussion Group status does not prevent you from receiving funds - you are free to explore corporate sponsorship and also apply for the newly established Small Projects Fund.

Should you have any further questions on how to attain Club status, please do not hesitate to reach out to our 2018/2019 Senior Sports & Clubs Officer