SA Elections

Election Process for Student Association Senior Officers

The Student Association Executive Committee comprises of President/Vice-President, Senior Functional Officers, Programme Representatives and Junior Officers. The below process is applicable for President/Vice-President and Senior Functional Officers only (to be elected by current students in Feb-June each year). Programme Representatives and Junior Officers will be selected by Programme Office and SA Senior Functional Officers respectively in September.

1. Nomination

The Oversight & Returning Officer will notify the entire student community of the roles to be elected as well as eligibility. Instruction on how and what to submit will also be announced. Typically, the window for the SA to receive nominations will be up to one week. Applications generally consist of a one page manifesto, details of which will be in the email notification. No early nominations or late nominations will be accepted.

2. Campaigning

Once nominations have closed, the Oversight & Returning Officer will announce candidates (with their manifestos) and thus open the campaigning phase. There are strict campaigning rules (see below) in place both to ensure equity for all candidates and to minimise disruption to the School community.

3. Voting

Voting will follow immediately with a window of a few days, before results are announced. Details of the timeline will be provided in the email notification.

Campaigning Rules

There are strict rules around campaigning during the prescribed campaign period. Failure to follow campaign rules may result in disqualification.

Campaigning can start only once the voting period begins. No campaigning is allowed during the nomination period.

Candidates CANNOT use any form of mass communication to campaign, whether campaigning for themselves or someone else or against someone else.

Mass communication entails mass emails, promotion on whatsapp groups, and other similar activities. Any attempt to reach a mass audience (10 or more people) regarding your or someone else's candidacy is prohibited. Sending the same, or substantially similar, message content separately to a mass audience is also considered a contravention of this rule.
Methods of communication include but are not limited to, WhatsApp, social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok), emails, lecture announcements, pamphlets.

Further, note that non-candidates also cannot mass campaign for or against someone.

Disqualification will occur as a result of candidates breaking the spirit of the campaign rules.

Disqualification from running for elections and other disciplinary as deemed fit maybe taken if the contesting candidate or anyone else seeks to reach a mass audience for the purpose of promoting or demoting their own or someone else's candidacy.

If a mass audience is reached and a complaint is raised, the Student Association Oversight reserves the right to investigate violations and restrict candidates with discretion.

Campaigning rules are designed to protect student and alumni communities from being inundated with election-related communications. Therefore, investigations of campaigning rule violations will not hinge on intent, but rather on the outcome.

If you have any doubts about what is appropriate during the campaign period, ask before you act. If you have complaints, you can also reach out to


Only current students can participate in voting and every student can cast the vote ONCE. Anyone who doesn't meet these conditions but still votes will be removed from the list before the final count. Please exercise this voting right.

Voting will take place via Campus Groups or Microsoft forms, via individual link shared by the SA Oversight Officer in the email notification.

The election will be conducted as a majority vote i.e. the candidate with higest vote percentage will be declared the winner.

Voting will be completely anonymous. Voter details and/or preferences will NOT be shared with anyone, except the SA Oversight and Returning Officer, in case of complaints.


Q: Who can apply?
A: Any full-time student entering in their second year for studies at the School the following academic year and NOT graduating in 15 months during that academic year. Students going on exchange are considered on case by case basis. See question below.

Q: Can I persuade individuals to listen to me and show why they should vote for me?
A: Yes, but to no more than 9 people at the same time.

Q: Can I ask others to talk about why people should vote for me?
A: Yes, but even other people cannot speak to more than 10 people at the same time.

Q: Who can vote?
A: ONLY students from all years and all programmes.

Q: Is a “Vote for me t-shirt” allowed.
A: This would be considered a form of mass communication, so it is not allowed.

Q: Can I use posters or place messages in bulletin boards?
A: No, this is a form of mass communication.

Q: Can I use flyers/ business cards/ personalized memos?
A: No, this is a form of mass communication.

Q: Can I use badges, or give people badges containing information that relates to a candidate?
A: No, this is a form of mass communication.

Q: Can I use WhatsApp groups to campiagn?
A: No, this is considered a form of mass communication. Communication on stream chats as it has been one of the main sources of disqualification in the past.

Q: If I plan to go on exchange, can I nominate myself?
Only students who are planning to study at London Business School for the full academic year are eligible for SA presidency. However, we reserve the right to set exceptions. For instance, when no single nomination is received for a particular role, we grant exeptions.

Q: Can I apply jointly to the President's role without a Vice-President candidate
A: The SA strongly encourages those running in the election to self-form teams of two (1 Presidential Candidate, and 1 Vice-Presidential Candidate). We do permit individual applications. However, applying in teams has been historically more successful. If you are unable to get another candidate for your team, please apply independently.

Q: If we apply jointly as a President and a Vice-President candidates, does that mean that when one of us is elected the other is automatically elected
A: No. Independent voting will happen for every SA Senior ExCo role. While you apply jointly, elections will happen for every role and voting results will decide who wins the particular role. Applying together can help you increase your reach within the student community. It doesnot mean an automatic win based on your partnership.

Q: Do we have to reliquinsh other Club positions if we get elected to the SA
: It depends on the position in the SA that you have been elected to. This has been done to avoid potential conflicts of interest and manage the workload.
As the SA President, the candidate cannot be on any Club's Exco (in any position)
As the SA Vice-President, the candidate cannot be the President (or Co-President) for any Club but can take other Club Exco positions
Other SA Sr. ExCo can take up any Club leadership position but cannot do so in more than 1 Club