Clubs @ London Business School

  • Japan Club

    2019 Japan Trek

  • Middle East Club

    2019 Lebanon & Jordan Trek

Student Clubs are the heart and soul of London Business School student experience

An integral part of the SA, our 75+ Clubs provide a vibrant, collective and fun community to suit the needs of our diverse and international student body. Whether you are interested in career, cultural or sports clubs, there is always more going on than you could ever have time for. Clubs provide students with an opportunity to explore areas of interest and provide important networks to alumni and the wider community. The student experience would be incomplete without the incredible services these clubs provide.

Student Clubs also provide important leadership opportunities within the school community. Club leaders willingly devote a lot of time and energy to the school community in a way that visibly enhances the experience of every student at the school.

We thank the leaders of these clubs for the countless hours they have already invested to make your experience great, and look forward to a successful year ahead.

If you have any questions about a specific club, you can find contact information on their individual websites

Clubs @ LBS

  • Basketball Club

    Meet the 2019 Team

  • TedxLBS

    2019 TedxLBS Conference

  • Men's Rugby Club

    2019 Short Tour (Madrid)

  • Foodie Club

    Green Thai Curry Masterclass